Alfa Services simplifies ecommerce integration

  • Alfa Services simplifies ecommerce integration

E-Commerce Integration

Our E-Commerce Integration Solutions focus on extending new and existing business systems to meet organizations' e-commerce business strategies. We are committed to delivering timely, appropriate e-commerce solutions.

Our seasoned staff has the skills that matter most during e-commerce implementations - Java, XML, EDI, HTML and database management.

Whether the engagement is a single e-commerce application or a combined set of technologies in an overall e-commerce strategy, Alfa Services USA's can provide the key resources to manage, implement and deliver an e-commerce solution. Alfa Services USA's has alliances with Commerce One and Vignette to provide project services, delivered by the Professional Services Group (PSG), for the implementation of these E-Commence solutions.

Things are changing fast in the world of retail and successfully navigating this evolving landscape begins with ecommerce integration. Customers today expect a "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere" shopping experience, with the ability to interact with your brand on any channel and have you follow them seamlessly as they move across online and offline channels. To deliver an exceptional customer experience, ecommerce systems must be integrated with marketing, inventory management, fulfillment and back-end accounting systems in order to give customers what they need at every step of their buying journey. Most legacy commerce platforms can't handle this kind of ecommerce integration. These traditional systems weren't designed for retail online integration and simply can't keep up with the pace of change or enable the kind of innovation retailers need to remain competitive.

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