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Diversity of thought in our leadership team

Meet our management team. They guide our company, helping us live our purpose and achieve our vision to create more moments of joy while building the best staffing company in the world.

Our Management Board brings a modern, forward-thinking approach to the business, using the expertise and knowledge acquired over the company's almost 20 year history to set the agenda for the future of recruiting.

Our management team has extensive experience, providing the collective depth and business knowledge to successfully manage our business.

Diversity of thought in our leadership team is something that we believe sets us apart. We draw upon the expertise, knowledge and varied backgrounds of our management to create the very best experiences for our customers, communities, partners and employees. By getting that right we're able to create long-term value for our shareholders.

Contact Info:

Phone: +1 212 537 6657
Fax: +1 716 242 2982

32-27, 150 Place
Flushing, NY, 11354.

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