We offer the following managed services to our customer

  • Recruitment Process Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Referral Management
  • Application Management

Overall Benefits

  • Total control over the hiring process which means your internal resources can focus on conducting workforce planning and other strategic talent management initiatives.
  • Substantial reduction in operational costs by leveraging on our offshore facilities.
  • Substantial reduction in talent acquisition costs by leveraging on new channels of talent attraction.
  • Substantial reduction in time to acquire talent as Ambrosia's offshore sourcing specialists continuously work on building talent reserves to address future talent needs.
  • Ambrosia captures key metrics associated with the hiring process providing a constant feedback loop which results in continuous process improvements.
  • With the use the latest web 2.0 technologies all parties involved can collaborate and communicate more efficiently which results in increased transparency across all processes resulting in improved relationships.
  • Increase in quality of hires by leveraging on the knowledge management enabled by R2Works.

Managed Services

Alfa Services managed services will result in direct reduction of human capital acquisition costs, substantial improvement in talent sourcing, selection and retention efforts across multiple skills, locations and/or vendors. We help you rationalize your recruitment supply chain, streamline and improve your recruitment process. Our managed services will help you fully optimize your supply and cost objectives.

We are the bridge between a company, candidates and vendors resulting in increased operational efficiency and better results.

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