Consultant Qualification process
Alfa Services USA's understands the importance of strict quality control procedures and is committed to thoroughly assessing the qualifications and skills of all Consultants whom we represent to you. The qualification process and assessment criteria utilized by Alfa Services USA's is a combination of the following factors:

  • Face-to-face interview;
  • Review and update of Consultants' resume;
  • Thorough reference and background checks;
  • Secondary interviews and testing by technical specialists.

In assessing our Consultants, we categorize and rate their technical skills to ensure that Alfa Services USA's represents only Consultants who have "A" or "B" level technical and communication skills, and who have outstanding references related to past performance.
Alfa Services USA's also maintains strict adherence to procedures to monitor the on-going progress of our Consultants after they have started a contract. From the time a Consultant is placed on a contract assignment, the Alfa Services USA's Account Manager is in contact with you and the Consultant to ensure that both your expectations are being met.

We have a biweekly Project Status reporting system in place in which the Consultant gives feedback to the Alfa Services USA's Account Manager as to the status of his/her project deliverable's and whether he/she is ahead of or behind schedule. This process allows Alfa Services USA's to identify any problem areas and to work with you or the Consultant as required. Additionally, it provides Alfa Services USA's with a way to measure the performance strengths and weaknesses of every Consultant

Staffing Services

Our Staffing Solutions group has been providing staff augmentation solutions to IT problems and projects since 1999. Well known for our ability to understand your technical requirements, we will provide appropriately skilled Consultants such as web designers, e-commerce specialists, analysts, designers, programmers, engineers, network administrators, communication experts, database administrators, project managers and many other IT related individuals.

We are dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing and dynamic world of Information Technology, and as a complete partner, we work closely with you to help you improve your overall business results and gain more from your technology investments.

Service Guarantee

Alfa Services USA's unconditionally "guarantees" the performance of all Consultants we provide. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of one of our Consultants in the first two weeks, we will attempt to replace the Consultant as quickly as possible. In addition, we will not invoice you for the Consultant's time for up to 10 working days
We offer this guarantee to further demonstrate Alfa Services USA's' total commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. Whether it is providing you with the right individual for your current needs or taking you to the next level of Information Technology, Alfa Services USA's is with you all the way.

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